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 Chaiken Family of Nezhin
 Chazanov Family of Nezhin
 Fine Family of Bialystok
 Geffen Family of Vilkomir
 Goldberg Family of Jablonka
 Katz/Hollander Family
 Zavelsky Family of Glukhov
Click here to see the Manifest for Leizor Hillel Chaiken aboard the S.S. Mauretania
Click here to see the Death Certificate for Mire (Miriam) Chaiken Chazanoff.
Ellis Island Site Now you can actually find and view your ancestors records upon their entering America through Ellis Island between 1892 and 1924. See actual manifests, ships photos, etc.

An amazing site. You must register (free) to view records.
"We have hundreds of documents in our files. Below is a sampling of a few."

My grandmother Manya made two trips to America from Odessa. It was always a mystery in the family how and why she did this.

For the step by step process of how I solved the mystery of my grandmother Manya's two trips, through documents, Click Here.

Translation..Chernigov & Nezhin Oblast Archives, 1877, Marriage Register: Israel Berko 19, son of Moise Chazanov and Miriam 18, daughter of Avram Chaiken.
Our granddaughter Sara, a few years ago, sitting on the bench in the Ellis Island waiting room. Sara's 3rd great uncle Hillel Chaiken and her third great grandmother, Mire Chaiken Chazanoff, sat in this same room

Partial List of Documents We Have

  • Birth Records
  • Death Records
  • Marriage Applications
  • Petitions for Naturalization
  • Declarations of Intent
  • Citizenship Papers
  • Social Security Applications
  • Divorce Records
  • Wills
  • etc.