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Naturalization Certificate for Gershon, Fanny and their children. Children were included even though they were born in The United States.
It is very difficult to conduct research on the name Katz by the very nature that it is an often used name.

Gershon (Harry) was naturalized in 1916 in New York. From the petition that was filed prior to this document, we did learn that Gershon was from the town of Brzeany (Berezhany) in Austria. (see map on Ancestral Towns)

We know that Gershon was a bail bondsman, but according to the ship's manifest for his second trip from Europe to the United States, he was in 1908 a waiter in New York City. At that time, Gershon and Fanny were living at 204 Broome Street in New York City.
Further Research

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