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 Chaiken Family of Nezhin
 Chazanov Family of Nezhin
 Fine Family of Bialystok
 Geffen Family of Vilkomir
 Goldberg Family of Jablonka
 Katz/Hollander Family
 Zavelsky Family of Glukhov

"... Therefore, the name Chazanov means son of a cantor."

The name Chazanov was common in Eastern Europe because of its derivation. You would find Chazanovs in almost every town. Our research shows our ancestors were all from the Sosnitza/Nezhin area.

Through the years, the Chazanovs became Chazanoffs, Chasanows etc.

My great grandfather was Bernard Chazanoff, born in Sosnitza in 1858, the son of Moishe. He married Mire Chaiken of Nezhin. Hence I am also a descendant of the Chaiken family.

After the birth of their three children, they migrated to Odessa and then in 1907 immigrated to Philadelphia.

When I first started the Chazanov family history I only knew of Bernard and one of his brothers.

As time went on, an interesting story emerged that greatly increased the family line.

"My great grandfather, Bernard, was the son of Moishe and his first wife, and had a sister Chaya Leah and a brother Isaac.

Moishe married a second wife, Minka Lawint, and had two children, Mendel (Max) Chasanow and Sophie Chasanow.

Chaya Leah, Bernard's sister, married Dov Ber (Barnett) Rubinson and had four children. After the birth of the four children, Dov Ber left Chaya Leah and married her half sister Sophie.

They immigrated to America and had eight children. Chaya Leah died of a broken heart."

In view of the above we were pleased to add fifty-three Rubinsons to our Chazanov tree.
Please see the family tree sections to reference these families.

In 2004, We were pleased to learn of another branch on the tree of Isaac. We previously knew that Isaac had two daughters and a son. Now, through a great grandson of Isaac, we know there was another son named Nathan and that his descendants live in Israel. Nathan and his wife Fania resided in Minsk.

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In addition to the above stories about the Chazanov family, a new book has been published called "Short Tales From a Long Life, by Hilda Meltzer. Hilda passed away on November 21, 2008. The book is a vibrant portrait of a family that lived through turbulent times and of a wise, witty, life-loving woman who rejoiced in her Jewish immigrant roots and never lost her pasion for social justice. If you would like to purchase a copy of this wonderful book, please click here.


#1... Bernard Chazanoff b.1858 son of Moishe...my great grandfather
#2... Mire Chaiken b.1858 wife of Bernard... my great grandmother
#3... Isaac Chazanov b.1856 son of Moishe. Click here to read family stories by Hilda Balinky Meltzer, granddaughter of Isaac.
#4... Mendel (Max) Chazanov b.1871 son of Moishe and his 2nd wife Minka Lawint
#5... Sophia Chazanov Rubinson b. 1874 daughter of Moishe and his 2nd wife Minka Lawint
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