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The research on the Goldberg family has barely begun. Information on this site was compiled from family members and answers to questions on the name Golombek that I had put on The Jewish Genealogy Newsgroup.

I do know that today there are several Golombeks living in Israel from the original Jablonka family.

I often wondered how the name Golombek came to be. My own interpretation is that at the time the two brothers left the town of Choyner, (see Goldberg front page) it was around the year 1800, and the time when surnames became mandatory.

The name Choyner, which the brothers were called, is spelled Joina in Hebrew and means "a dove."

Golombek means, "Pigeon"....Perhaps there is a relationship.

Many names were changed upon entry into America. It was either a simplification by the immigrants, or a misunderstanding by the immigration agents who just assigned names as they saw fit due to the language difficulties. Thusly, the name became Goldberg.

Hopefully one day we will be able to pursue this research further.

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For further information on Poland and their archives, a wonderful book published by The Miriam Weiner Routes To Roots Foundation, Inc. (of which I am a board member) and Yivo Institute for Jewish Research.

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