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 Chaiken Family of Nezhin
 Chazanov Family of Nezhin
 Fine Family of Bialystok
 Geffen Family of Vilkomir
 Goldberg Family of Jablonka
 Katz/Hollander Family
 Zavelsky Family of Glukhov
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The names below, all with the last name of Geffen, except for those noted on the chart, are in our database but not connected to our main tree. The birth and death dates and towns are next to the names when available. Some of these trees where given to us by the families.

All names are attached to two, three or four generation trees, but are not yet connected to our main tree. We have omitted the names of the younger generations, and of spouses on the chart.

Click on the underlined names to see the trees.

We are making every possible effort to connect these names to our main tree. Please contact us if you think these names may be from your family. Hopefully, you can help us.
First Name Birth Place of Birth Death Last Known Residence Father's Name Mother's Name
Aaron 1919 Brooklyn 1981 New York Jacob Miriam Kolsky
Abel Gofin 1824     Odessa Schimon  
Abraham Gefen 1857     Boston, MA Israel  
Abraham 1893 New York     Samuel Lea Rose
Abraham 1896 Russia 1975 New York Louis Francis Metnick
Abraham Gaffen 1876   1961 Brockton, MA Isaac Gaffan Sara Leah
Abraham Shimon 1882 Kedan, Lith 1978 Bnai Brak, Israel Rabbi Yitschak Eliahu Geffen Rella Traub
Abraham 1885 Lithuania        
Abraham 1907 Vilna 1942 Vilna Yitzchak Shaynah
Abram 1867 Vilkomir     Schmuel Bune
Abram Gefen 1897         Frame
Addie 1903   1905 New York Harry B. Henrietta Rothenberg
Aharon 1857   1936 New York Meir Hillel Anna Sachev
Alfred 1887     Detroit    
Alta 1898 Lipikarri, Rom.  



Feiga Tissenbaum

Avraham 1880          
Barouch 1867          
Alvin 1922   1970 Detroit Jacob Hazel
Aron Gefanas 1900 Subacius, Lith     Chaim Lija
Arthur E 1895   1933 New York Samuel Julia Abramowitz
Arthur c.1900          
Benjamin 1894       Barouch Schome
Benjamin 1896 New York     Harry B. Henrietta Rothenberg
Bernard 1849 Hanover, Ger        
Bernard 1926 Brooklyn 1995 Daytona Beach, FL Arthur Rae Friedman
Boris 1870 Kovno        
Blume 1877 Vilna (Sirvinto) 1955 Grand Rapids, MI Mordecai  
Chaim 1891       Barouch Schome
Daniel         Samuel Minnie Cumsky
David 1862 Vilkomir        
David 1870       Yossel Miriam
David 1870 Kovno        
David 1877 Vilkomir        
David 1892 Orinin, Russia 1970 Utica, NY Israel Arie Batya Weiner
David 1922 Brooklyn 1970 Brooklyn Jacob Miriam Kolsky
David 1930          
David Guiffan 1871 Golovanevsk, Russia 1933 Cordoba Argentina Wolf Ida Kishes
Donald         Max Betty
Elias         Samuel  
Ephraim 1913       Oscar Sheina
Rabbi Erwin Joel Giffen 1944 Chicago 1995 Chicago David Charles Giffen Sonia Simkin
Frances 1913     Detroit Jacob Hazel
George 1898       Bernard  
George 1898       Abraham Rose Levine
Gerald M.         Samuel Zelda
Harry         David Dora Lipshits
Harry 1860 Vilkomir c.1930 New York    
Harry 1865 Vilkomir 1930 New York    
Harry B. 1875 Russia 1928 New York Joseph Lieb Chasa
Harry 1892 Kane, Russia   Los Angeles, CA Samuel Anna Erek
Harry 1885       Abraham Sarah
Harry 1890       Boris Jenny
Harry c.1897 Kovno        
Harry 1913   1956 East Hartford, CT    
Harry       South Africa Avraham Sora Beila
Harry Gefen 1885 Vilna     Abraham Gefen Sara
Heady 1863 Russia        
Henoch 1906 Lithuania 1960 South Africa    
Hyman 1910 New York 1987 New York Theodore Bessie Edelstein
Hymie         Henoch Mary
Ilya Abram 1870       Abram Minka
Irving       New York    
Isaac Gaffen c.1850          
Isadore   Sioux City, Iowa        
Isadore Gaffen         Abraham Gaffen Sarah Rachel Hamburger
Isidor 1861          
Isidor 1886 Vilkomir 1967 New York Joseph Rose Margolis
Israel Arie 1850   1917 Israel Itzhak Simcha  
Israel Irving 1894 Latvia 1983 New York Solomon H. Minna Marcushewitz
Israel Gefen c.1850          
Israel Gefen 1900 Boston     Abraham Gefen Sara
Itzak Simcha c.1820          
Jack 1914 Rockaway Beach 1965 Far Rockaway Abraham Rose Levine
Jacob c.1890       David Dora Lipshits
Jacob c.1891     Detroit    
Jacob 1894 New York 1963 New York Morris Lena Shapiro
Jacob 1899 New York     Harry B. Henrietta Rothenberg
Jacob 1912 New York 1995 Sunrise, FL Theodore Bessie Edelstein
Josel c.1806 Vilkomir 1853 Anksycai Israel  
Josel c.1872 Vilkomir c.1835 Vilkomir David  
Joseph c.1860 Vilkomir        
Joseph 1894 Libau, Latvia 1969 South Carolina Solomon H Minna Marcushevitz
Joseph Lieb c.1850          
Joseph Michael 1908   1985   Harry Sadie Davis
Joseph Gefen 1886 Vilna     Abraham Gefen Sarah
Jossel 1862       Schmuel Bune
Julius Jacob 1926 Queens, NY 1997   Morris Esther Ginsberg
Lazer Jehudah 1855 Lithuania 1919   Yossel  
Leon 1904 New York     Samuel Lea Rose
Lew       Cur: So Africa Monty Aida
Louis         Isadore Leona Cohen
Louis         Yossel  
Louis 1909   1947 Brooklyn Abraham Rose Levine
Marcy 1905 New York 1989   Harry Sadie Davis
Martin         Morris Bessie Katz
Max 1883 Russia     Heady Rachel
Max 1899       David Dora Lipshits
Max 1908   1980 Middlesex, NJ Harry Lena Bender
Meir Hillel c.1827     Kupiskis, Lith    
Meyer (Michael) 1902   1929      
Michael       South Africa Avraham Sora Beila
Michiel   Lithuania        
Milton 1918 Ohio     Morris Bessie Katz
Moishe c.1870 Orinin, Russia   Israel Israel Arie Batya Weiner
Monty       South Africa Avraham Sora Beila
Morris 1864          
Morris 1887 Lithuania 1978 MA Michiel Ida Thalman
Morris 1893          
Morris c.1898          
Nat 1906 Vilna 1997 Miami Hyman Anna Fein
Nathan Gefen 1889 Vilna 1965   Abraham Gefen Sara
Perry 1913 New York 1974   Samuel Hinda Katrinouich
Phillip 1887 Vilna 1968 New York Samuel Julia Abramowitz
Phillip 1895 Kovno 1975 New York Aharon Anna Sachav
Rivka 1841 Vilkomir     Josel Genya
Rivka 1864       Schmuel Bune
Samuel 1850          
Samuel 1884 Grodno        
Samuel 1887       Heady Rachel
Samuel 1888          
Samuel 1893 Vilkomir 1986 New York David Dora Lipshits
Samuel 1922       Harry Jennie
Schimon Gofin c.1800          
Schmuel 1837 Vilkomir        
Schmuel         Yossel Miriam
Sheina Zelda     1893 Jonova, Lith Itzak  
Shlomo 1868          
Shlomo 1912 Vilna 1942 Vilna Yitzchak Shaynah
Sidney Aaron 1922 Bronx 1993 Bronx Morris Esther Ginsberg
Simon 1895 New York 1963 Miami Beach Samuel Lea Rose
Solomon         Samuel Lea Rose
Solomon H. c.1869   1938 Latvia Israel Gefen  
Sophia 1846       Josel Genya
Theodore 1880 Kovno     Joseph Lieb Chasa
Thomas Gefen
1889 Vilna     Abraham Gefen Sarah
Tsyrka ("Serlkie") Gifen 1814 Vilkomir     Mordecai Gifen  
William 1895 Lithuania        
Yitzchak c.1886     Vilna    
Zalman Geffin 1877 Lithuania        

Family Tree Count

Main Tree Count...2844

Names, including spouses and descendants, not yet attached...1845

Total Database...4689

Many of these names were found in The Social Security Death Index.

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The Name GEFEN
As far back as we have gone the original documents from Lithuania spell our name GEFEN.

The description of the name GEFEN from the book, A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames From The Russian Empire, by Alexander Beider, is :

"Gefen (Vilna, common in Vilkomir) A: grape, vine [Hebrew]

  • Gefan
  • Gefen
  • Geffan
  • Geffen
  • Gefon
  • Gifan
  • Gafan
  • Gafanovich
  • Gapanovich
  • Gafenovich
  • Gafinovich
  • Gofan
  • Goffan
  • Gofen
  • Goffan
  • Gofenovich
  • Gejfen
  • Gofan
  • Goffan
  • Gofanovich
  • Gofen
  • Goffan
  • Gofenovich
  • Gejfen

To date, we have not found any of the names with "vich" on the end to be a part of our tree. However, research we are now doing may change this.

We have found the following additional names to be part of our tree or thought to be:

  • Gaffen
  • Gefanas
  • Geffin
  • Geftner
  • Gifen
  • Giffen
  • Guiffan
  • Gyfain
  • Kofein
  • Kofin