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 Zavelsky Family of Glukhov
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The name of the city changed with the various governments:
German/Yiddish...Lemberg...Polish...Lwow... Russian...Lvov...Ukrainian...Lviv

Lemberg the capital of Galicia in the 18th century, is today the city of Lviv in Western Ukraine. It was part of Austria (1772-1918), Poland (1387-1772, 1920-1939), Germany (1941-1944), USSR (1945-1991) and after the collapse of Soviet Union, since 1991, it is part of independent Ukraine.

For many years I asked my mother-in-law, Ida, where her father and mother immigrated from. She always gave me the same answer, "Galicia....Austria"
Looking for the name Katz in Galicia, is like looking for a needle in a haystack. However, on naturalization papers, I did find that Gershon (Harry) Katz was from Berezhany, Austria, which is in Galicia.

A short while ago, I asked Ida where her mother, Fanny Shindler/ Hollander, was from and she said "from the same area as my father."

Upon speaking with Hilda Green, the daughter of Fanny's brother Max, Hilda recalled that her father always said he was from Lemberg. As you can see from the map on the left, Lemberg, which is now Lviv, is only 49 miles from Berezhany.

Hence, Ida was quite correct..... The towns of her mother and father are from the same area.
Our Visit To Lviv
During the spring of 1995, Alan and I traveled to Russia, Poland and Ukraine, to visit known ancestral towns and to meet relatives we had discovered in my paternal family.

In Poland, we visited the town of Jablonka, which was the ancestral home of the Goldberg family.

We stopped in several towns in Ukraine, the first being Lviv. At that time we did not know that this was the ancestral town of the Shindler/Hollander family.

Below are excerpts from the trip diary we kept along with photographs.

Our trip to Eastern Europe was one we will never forget.
Our trip to Ukraine was planned and detailed by Miriam Weiner of Routes to Roots. Miriam also did the Ukrainian genealogy on my paternal family.

Even though the trip was the hardest we have ever taken, it was the one that stands out in our memories as the most wonderful.

It is a cliché but true when we say, we were thrilled to walk in the footsteps of our ancestors.
#2...Lemberg in the 1920s...Photograph Courtesy Boris Feldblyum Collection
#4...The Temple built in 1845. Destroyed by the Nazis in 1941...photo circa 1935
#5...Burial House in the old cemetery ...1912
#6...Lemberg, town view...circa 1917
#7...Jewish Hospital in Lemberg...circa 1920
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