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...the maternal grandparents of my husband, Alan Goldberg.

Harry was born December 15, 1881 in Berezhany, Austria, the son of Dov Ber Katz and Feige Channe Maiblum. His wife Fanny was born August 22, 1887 to Hertzel and Leah Shindler in the town of Lemberg, which is 49 miles from Berezhany. Hertzel Schindler passed away and his wife Leah married a Hollander. Fanny and her siblings adopted the last name of Hollander.

Harry was a bail bondsman in New York and he and Fanny had five daughters.

With the help of family members,( please see Bibliography Page,) we have been able to add the Hollander tree. Also, the Katz Cousins tree which includes brothers and sisters of Harry and some of their descendants, the Katz cousins.

Hopefully, family members will continue to give us further information which will enable us to expand this site and the family trees.

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#1...Katz Family circa 1930...Ida, Anne, Fanny, Gershon (Harry), Rae, Millie, Sarah. Click here to see an enlarged version.
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