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 Chaiken Family of Nezhin
 Chazanov Family of Nezhin
 Fine Family of Bialystok
 Geffen Family of Vilkomir
 Goldberg Family of Jablonka
 Katz/Hollander Family
 Zavelsky Family of Glukhov

Sources Front Page

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Sources Ancestral Towns

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Sources Ancestral Towns - Jonava

Map from Mapquest

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Sources Ancestral Towns - Kaunas

Encyclopaedia Judaica

Sources Ancestral Towns - Vilna

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Sources Rabbi Tobias Geffen Page

From the book Lev Tuvia edited by Joel Ziff

Sources Letters To Rabbi Tobias Geffen

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Sources Lost and Found

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Sources Web Sites

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Photo Credits Front Page

#1..Boris Feldblyum Photographic Collection
#2..Source unknown

Photo Credits Ancestral Towns

Aerial Views from The Library of Congress

#1,#4,#12..Source unnknown
#2..Purchased from Tomasz Wisniewski, Bialystok, Poland
#3..Boris Feldblyum Photographic Collection
#5,#6..Reprinted with permission by Bruce E. Kahn
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# 1#2..Jacob Geffen


#1..Boris Feldblyum Photographic Collection
#2..From the book Lev Tuvia edited by Joel Ziff
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#4,#6,#7,#8,#9,#10,#11..Reprinted with permission by Bruce E. Kahn


Choral Synague..Avitan Gefen

Photo Credits Rabbi Tobias Geffen

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Photo Credits Immigration


#2..Laurie Geffen

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Photo Credits Research

#1..Alan and Marjorie Goldberg

Photo Credits Tuvia Photo Album

#1,2,5,10...Jacob Geffen
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#4,7,9...Lev Tuvia
#8,11,12,13,14,15,17...Morris Geffen
#18 Michael Grenadier
#19...Peter Geffen
#20,27...Arthur H. Geffen
#21,22...Lisa Grenadier Conner
#23,24...Rabbi M. David Geffen
#25...Debbie Lubar Moore
#26...Ron Stephenson
# Goldman
#35...Eugenijus Gefenas
#61...Roberta Barnett

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Acknowledgments and Thanks

To the following people who have continually supported and assisted me throughout this project:

To Dr. Gerald Gaffin and the late Stephen Gaffin, for providing extensive information and trees for the Gafanovich family, and to Dr. Gerald Gaffin for sharing his ongoing research.

To David Ash, for his collaboration and dilligent research with family members.

To Jacob Geffen, from Tel-Aviv, whose vast knowledge of the family and history was shared with me.

Joel Ziff, for sending me the family tree he compiled on the family of Tuvia Geffen.

To the late Dr. Lawrence Geffen (1923-2000), from Michigan, for sharing the memories, photos and recollections of his family.

To Dr. Lawrence Geffen, of Brisbane, and Leah Civin of Johannasburg, for providing me information on my direct line of Geffens.

To Pearl Graham and her family, of London for her enthusiasm and sharing of her personal memories.

To Carol Cohen, for her continual support and assistance.

To Thom Montgomery, of Los Angeles, who did much of the work on the Geffen family tree and shared his information and research with me.

To all members of the family, who have spoken and written to me, provided information, support and photographs: Minerva Barsky, Sonya Geffen Eichler, George & Nancy Eisenman, The late Vera Flaxman, Brenda Geffen Freedman,Dr. Abraham Geffen,The Late Aice Geffen, Amy Geffen, Arthur Geffen, Arthur H. Geffen, Daniel Asher Geffen, Rabbi David M.Geffen, David Geffen, Dena Geffen, Eleanor Geffen Goldberg, Howard J. Geffen, Ivan Geffen, The late Jacob Geffen, Dr. Jeremy Geffen, Jon Geffen, The late Lawrence Geffen, Lizzie Geffen, Mark Geffen, Dr. Merwin Geffen, Michael L. Geffen, The late Mitchell Geffen, Molly Chernotsky, Dr. Morris Geffen, Peter Alan Geffen, Robert Geffen, Rev. Roger Geffen, Simon Geffen, Steven Geffen, Terrance Geffen, Dr. William Geffen, Mildred Geffen Gold, Linda Green, Sophy Guiffan, Terry Heller, Dr. Jeff Kneisbacker, Arnold Koch, Arthur Lester, Abba & Cecile Lichtenstein, Alan Lipton, William Lucker, Brian Mendelsohn, Goldy Mendelsohn, Nathan Miller, Joan Muss, Aba Peleg, Jonathan Reibman, Sarha Robinson, Paula Roos, Edna Rosen, Adam Rudy, Lee Schloss, Josh Sparro, Judith Geffen Wills, Robin L. Zalben, and anyone who I may have inadvertently omitted.

Without the above, there would not be a Geffen Family Story.

Last, but far from least, to my husband Alan who has helped and supported me in every way throughout the years of this project.

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