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 Chaiken Family of Nezhin
 Chazanov Family of Nezhin
 Fine Family of Bialystok
 Geffen Family of Vilkomir
 Goldberg Family of Jablonka
 Katz/Hollander Family
 Zavelsky Family of Glukhov
To learn more about Odessa and to research further, we recommend the following web sites. Click on the links of interest to go to them directly. Odessa
For further information on Ukraine and their archives, a wonderful book published by The Miriam Weiner Routes To Roots Foundation, Inc. (of which I am a board member) and Yivo Institute for Jewish Research. The book is titled "Jewish Roots in Ukraine"

"My great grandparents, Bernard and Mire Chaiken Chazanoff, raised their three children, Morris, Samuel and Manya and Bernard's niece Sarah Rubinson, in Odessa. My grandmother, Manya, always spoke of how beautiful Odessa was and how wonderful the fruits and vegetable were."
These photographs of Odessa were taken in 1993 when Miriam Weiner of Routes to Roots and Vitaly Chumak visited Odessa on our behalf.
#2..Bernard Chazanoff with his great granddaughter Marjorie in 1940. #1..#4 Prochorovskaya...Identical building to the home of Bernard and Mire in Odessa before they departed for America in 1907. Inset: New structure on the site of Bernard and Mire's home in Odessa.
Manya Chazanoff, so loved Odessa that within a year of immigrating to Philadelphia with her husband Solomon Zavelsky (Sovel) in 1904, she returned with her two children to her parents in Odessa.

A year later she returned to her husband in Philadelphia, but had lost her youngest child probably due to the 1905 pogrom in Odessa.


#3..Street view in Odessa 1993
#4..Local view in Odessa 1993
#5..Odessa Oblast Archives in what was formerly a church.
#6..Shalom Alechem Street 1993
#7..Our researcher Vitaly Chumak at entrance of Odessa Oblast Archives
#8..Street view in Odessa 1993