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 Chaiken Family of Nezhin
 Chazanov Family of Nezhin
 Fine Family of Bialystok
 Geffen Family of Vilkomir
 Goldberg Family of Jablonka
 Katz/Hollander Family
 Zavelsky Family of Glukhov
Below are the names of Chazanovs of Sosnitza, for whom we hold documents from various Ukrainian Archives, but are not attached yet to our Family Tree.

If any of the names below are found to be part of your family, please let us know.

Last Name First Name Father Mother Birth Death
Chazanov Abram Berko Basya


Chazanov Anastasyia Leizer      
Chazanov Anna Samuel   1891 1927
Chazanov Aram Chaim   1906  
Chazanov Avram Wolf Kalman      
Chazanov Avram Lipa Zalman Leib Raisa/Elya 1879 1888
Chazanov Basheva Mordko   1922  
Chazanov Berko Falko   1848 1915
Chazanov Berko Evsey/Falko   1815  
Chazanov Berta Falk/Leib   1915  


Berta Falk/Leib Chana 1922  
Chazanov Bluma Zalman Leib   1884  
Chazanov Boris Izak   1939  
Chazanov Chaim Berko/Evsey Sheina 1894  


Falko/Berko Tema 1906  
Chazanov Chaya Levick/Falko Perza 1896  
Chazanov Chaya     1817 1907
Chazanov Chaya Keila Tevya   1868  
Chazanov David Berko   1880  
Chazanov David Gersh/Falko Sheina 1878  
Chazanov Doba Berko Bazya 1890  
Chazanov Doba Levick/Falko Perza 1892  
Chazanov Dora Lev   1899  
Chazanov Dvosia Yevya   1873 1880
Chazanov Elena Dimitri      
Chazanov Evgenya MoiseZalman Roza 1907  
Chazanov Falk Leib   1888  
Chazanov Falka Jossel 1816 1864  
Chazanov Falko Berko Basya 1890  
Chazanov Falko Leizor/Falko Perza 1898  
Chazanov Faria Leizor   1924  
Chazanov Genya Berko/Falko Basya 1883  
Chazanov Gersh Meier      
Chazanov Hillel Tevya Tamara 1877  
Chazanov Israel Falk/Lev Chana 1923  
Chazanov Israel Noach Berko     1887


Chazanov Itsko Wolf      
Chazanov Kalman Avram/Kalman Rivka 1905  
Chazanov Leah Falk/Leib   1920  
Chazanov Leah Zelig   1840  
Chazanov Leib Falko/Jossel Chaya 1854  
Chazanov Leizor Berko/Orlik Fruma Shera 1862  
Chazanov Levick Falko   1856  
Chazanov Levin Falko   1854 1921
Chazanov Meyer Berko Basya 1894  
Chazanov Mina Lev   1915  
Chazanov Mira Efim   1937  
Chazanov Moise Tevya/Duvid Tamara 1874  
Chazanov Nechama Naftali   1841  
Chazanov Nison


Chazanov Perla Israel   1859  
Chazanov Raisa Folka   1842  
Chazanov Rivka Levick/Falko Perza 1894  
Chazanov Samuel Lieba Yankel Moise   1911 1917
Chazanov Sara Levick/Falko   1883  
Chazanov Sara Zalman Leib   1887 1890
Chazanov Seidla Levick/Falko Perza 1890  
Chazanov Shfra Itsko/Wolf Zlata 1895  
Chazanov Shfra Gersh   1898  
Chazanov Shloma Tevya/Duvid Tamara 1882  
Chazanov Sima Leah Levick/Falko Perza 1886-88  
Chazanov Simon Falk   1914  
Chazanov Sophia Lev Perla 1897  
Chazanov Sora Falko/Berko Tema 1904  
Chazanov Sura Levick/Falko Perza 1884  
Chazanov Taippa Sheina Tevya/David Tamara 1884  
Chazanov Tauba Moishe/Tevya Rebeka 1898  
Chazanov Tevya Girsh Duvid   1839  
Chazanov Wolf Moise/Tevya Rivka 1900  
Chazanov Yankel Gersh/Meier Vhaya 1880  
Chazanov Yenta Nuchim   1810 1860
Chazanov Zalman Leib Benjamin      
Chazanov Zalmon Meier Itsko/Wolf Zlata 1890  
Chazanov Zelda Levin/Falko Perla 1900