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Photographic Credits
#2-8,#11..Minerva Fine's Photo Album
#14,#17..Marjorie Goldberg/Vera Flaxman
#10,#13,#15..Arthur Lester
#15..Minerva Barsky

Dennisons/Kaplans, Geffens, Eisemanns, Schnitzlers
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#1...50th aniversary of David and Mabel (Toiba).

David and Mabel's first two children were born in Shandaken, NY. David was a peddler of needles and thread at the time. Mabel's two brothers Joseph and Jacob also lived in the area. By 1898 when their third child was born they were living in Philadelphia.

They owned a dry goods store in Philadelphia and in the beginning lived above the store. In 1928, they moved their residence to Gorgas Lane in the Wynnfield section of Philadelphia. Their life centered around working and their family.

Below are recollections of David and Mabel from two of their grandchildren.

"I used to visit my Lipschutz grandparents every week. They had a movie house next door. They used to give me a nickel each time to go to the movies and money to buy candy."

"I used to go to my grandparents every Friday night. It was the same dinner each Friday. My grandmother used to make chicken soup, then take the chicken out and brown it in the oven, and then the same vegetables...the same thing every week."

"It seems we were often at grandpops for dinner. I do remember being asked to turn lights on and off and to do little things for them on Shabbos. Grandmom was a good cook and grandpop would tell stories about when they lived in Russia. Precisely what he said, I don't recall, but many of the stories had to do with how he avoided being drafted into the Russian army. The Cossacks would sweep through and take any male they could with them to serve."

"They lived a very meticulous life. They were happy with each other. My grandfather became more religious in his old age because he had time. He became the Gabi of the synagogue. They took me on the holidays. They were very nice people with a nice clean house and lots of friends. They would go to Atlantic City once a year."

David would call Mabel 'Tabee'. I remember they had a refrigerator that you put a pan underneath. I can picture my grandfather hollering 'Tabee, the water's running under the refridgerator...take the water...take the water'. They were nice plain people. They kept a kosher home and they seemed very happy together."

The story that has been told in our family is as follows: Shortly after David and Mabel (Toiba) were married in Lithuania in 1891, Mabel's sister Minerva was kidnapped by the Bolsheviks

They immigrated to America as quickly as possible, and settled in Shandaken, NY. Shandaken is in the Catskill area. Toiba's brother Joseph had previously settled there. We believe they immigrated through Canada.
#2...Louis and Charles Lipschutz, sons of David and Mabel (Toiba)
#3...Ann Lipschutz Bocher, David's sister.
#4...Mr. Bocher, husband of Ann
#5...Lou Bocher, the son of Ann Lipschutz Bocher and her husband, at his Bar Mitzvah
#6...Minerva Lipschutz, daughter of David and Mabel, and her husband Eli Fine on their wedding day.
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