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Moishe Zavelsky 1865 - 1918
Moishe was born in Glukhov in 1865. He was married to Feiga and they had eight children: Nosim, Itzhak, Josef, Anna, Elizabeta, Leah and Peysah. According to our notes, he was a baker and a pharmacist.

After the birth of their son Josef, Moishe and Feiga moved to Nezhin.

Nosim Zavelsky was born in Glukhov circa 1887. He married Pesya also from Glukhov.

Nosim and Pesya had three children: Zelik, Mikhail and Riva. Mikhail and his wife Bronha lived in Kiev where he worked for the State of Construction Materials. They had two children. Bronha and her children immigrated to Springfield, Illinois.

Zelig lived in Simpheerapol, Ukraine with his wife Gisya and their two children.

Riva lived in Knotop with her husband Lev Volovik and their two sons. Riva's ypunger son lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Itzhak Zavelsky was born in Glukhov in 1888. He spent part of his childhood in Glukhov and part in Nezhin. He married Hannah Simkin and after their marriage they lived in Trubshevsk, about fifty miles from Glukhov. Their daughter Miriam was born there in 1913.

In late 1913 the family moved to Harbin, China. Hannah passed away in 1916 and later Itzak married Sonia Raihenshtein. In 1919 a son, Maurice was born to them. In 1950, the family moved to Australia.

Josef Zavelsky was born in 1888 in Glukhov and moved with his parents to Nezhin. He married Chaya Leah Gurevich the daughter of Naum from Glukhov. They had a son Semyon born in 1913 and a daughter Berta in 1922.

Josef had graduated from Kiev University and Chaya Leah from medical school.They eventually moved to Romny where he became a pharmacist and was also the director of the pharmacy school. We interviewed Josef's assistant in the pharmacy in Romny and she recalled the family as "very good, intelligent people who were very talented in medicine."
Josef and Chaya Leah's daughter Berta went on to medical school and then the government sent her to work in Dzerzhinsk. Their son Semyon joined the army and in 1944 while in Lviv he met and married his wife Anastzzia. They continued to live in Lviv. There son Borys lives there today.

Anna Zavelsky...We have no information other than that she was born in Nezhin in 1898.

Leah Zavelsky...We have no information other than that she was born in Nezhin in 1900.

Elizabeta Zavelsky was born in Nezhin in 1900. She married Morris Khidis and had one daughter Tina.

After she graduated from school she worked in her brother Josef's pharmacy in Romny. She then attended Bookeeping school and after graduation, worked the rest of her life as a bookeeper. During WWII, she worked in the hospital financial department. She lived in Nezhin from 1944 until her death in 1962. Elizabeta's husband graduated from Kiev Medical school as a doctor.

Elizabeta is buried in the cemetery in Nezhin.

Elizabeta's daughter Tina was born in Nezhin in 1921.

Peysah Zavelsky was married to Sonya and had a son Menahem and a daughter Miriam. According to an interview we had with a present day Glukhov resident, Peysah was the last owner of the Zavelsky candy factory.

Peysah and Sonya's daughter Miriam lived in Checkoslavakia. Their son Menachem born 1921, lived in Moscow where his two sons Mikhail and Mark still live.

Chaim Gersh Zavelsky
Chaim Gersh was born in Glukhov in 1872.He married Basya Riva and they had eight children: Josel, Chana, Dvora, Dvosya, Mire, Geshiya, Gold and Khasya. The children were born between 1899 and 1913 in Priluki.

Zalman Zavelsky
Zalman was born in 1872. He married Rochel Leah Markovsky in 1898 in Priluki.

They had one known son, Shmuel Naftala in 1898.

Meir Zavelsky
Meir was born in 1875 and married Ester Kruchevsky.

Their two children Chaya Shiela and Israel Zalman were born in Priluki.

Avram Zavelsky
Avram was born in 1878. He married Tsivia Kripsevsky in 1899 in Priluki.

They had a son Chaim and a daughter Raisa.

Sara Zavelsky
Sara was born in 1880. In 1902 she married Itsko Zhuravsky.

Tzala Zavelsky
Tzala was born in Priluki in 1881.

Gitel Zavelsky
Gitel was born in Priluki in 1887.
#1...Moishe Zavelsky 1865-1918
#2..Seated: Nosim Zavelsky, Lev son of Zelik, Pesha wife of Nosim, Lev Volovik husband of Riva. Standing: Zelig son of Nosim, Gisya Zelig's wife, Mikhail son of Nosim, Riva daughter of Nosim. Photo taken in Glukhov 1935.
#3...Itzak Zavelsky in the Russian Army.
#4...Josef Zavelsky and his wife Chaya Leah Gurevich.
#5...Josef Zavelsky's pharmacy in Romny
#6...Semyon Zavelsky, son of Josef and Chaya Leah.
#7...Elizabeta's daughter Tina and her granddaughter Yelena...Nezhin 1995
#8...Elizabeta Zavelsky Khidis