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Historical Overview


Cain, Udi Chaiken researcher
Sovel, Charles Argues before Supreme Court

Photographs...People and Events
Chaiken, Ber Photo Album
Chaiken, Eunice (Salzmann) Photograph
Chaiken, Hill Family c.1908 Photograph
Chaiken, Hillel Family Photograph
Chaiken, Hillel Photo Album
Chaiken, Louis Photo Album
Chaiken, Mire (Chazanoff) Photograph
Chaiken, Mire (Chazanoff) Photo album
Chaiken, Mollie (Bellet) & sons 1929
Chaiken, Shirley (Lipschutz) Photograph
Chaikens 1955 Photograph
Chasanow, Abraham & Helen Photograph
Chasanow, Anna (Greenstein) Photograph
Chasanow, Bessie (Greenberg) Photograph
Chasanow, Freda (Goldfarb) Photograph
Chasanow, Freda & Anna Photograph
Chasanow, Morris Photograph
Chazanoff, Bernard Photograph
Chazanoff, Celia (Levejick) Photograph
Chazanoff, Freda (Koff) Photograph
Chazanoff, Leonard & Selma Photograph
Chazanoff, Harry & Rose Photograph
Chazanoff, Manya (Sovel) Photograph
Chazanoff, Samuel Photograph
Goldberg, Alan and Marjorie & Family Photograph
Heller, Connor James Photographs
Heller, Michael Medical School graduation
Heller, Michael & Christie Wedding
Koff, Howard & Family 1995 Photograph
Koff, Howard & Family 2003 Photograph
Lane/Levin Hope & Steve Wedding
Lane/Levin Hope & Steve 2004 Photograph
Salzmann, Laurence & daughter Photograph
Shayne, Joshua Photograph
Shayne, Vic Photograph
Shayne, Vic & Janice Photograph
Sovel, 2nd GGC of Mire Photograph
Sovel, Diane & Daughter Mire Photograph
Sovel, Family 1953 Photograph
Sovel Family 1995 Photograph
Sovel, Mindy and Sandy Photograph
Sovel, Marjorie (Goldberg) & Daughters 2003 Photograph
Sovel, Rose Tribute
Sovel, Solomon Photograph
Sovel/Flaxman, Vera & GGranddaughters 2003 Photograph
Sovel/Flaxman, Vera Tribute
Ventura, Sara & Nina 2004 Photograph

Below are photographs of
Mire (Chaiken)and Bernard Chazanoff and their children

Mire Chaiken Chazanoff, daughter of Abraham and Freida Chaiken.
Bernard Chazanoff, husband of Mire. Divorced in later years.
Morris Chasanow, son of Mire and Bernard
Sam Chazanoff , son of Mire and Bernard
Manya Chazanoff Sovel, daughter of Mire and Bernard